Monday, 14 July 2008

DIY Amp stands

I always find hard, especially at small gigs, to find the right 'place' for my guitar amp. As a 'pro' you are expected to be loud enough to hear yourself well and be heard from the rest of the band, without blasting anybody. We are all well familiar with the cliché of the mega-loud-egocentric-guitar-hero and in most situations, we want to avoid that Spinal Tap moment. I have always found amp stands very handy, especially when you want to monitor yourself well, at moderate levels: follow these links and you'll find two easy to achieve DIY amp stands made with PVC pipes. Good luck!

gaussmarkov: diy fx » Another PVC Amp Stand

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Justin Levitt said...

I've been faced with the same problem and getting/building a guitar amp stand has been the best investment to my live playing. Not to mention the sound engineers love it!