Wednesday, 4 March 2009

OCD Clone

The schematics have been around the net for a while, so I though of giving it a go. I am happy I did because this baby lives up to its name. Really nice fat distortion with quite a bit of sustain...Even the finish came out nicely! The circuit is based around the usual TL072 op amp with two 2n7000 transistors used in the clipping section instead of the usual diodes.

Check out the video for sound samples...i will post the pics of the guts soon.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Fuzz Face DIY pedal BC108

I always passed on the fuzz pedals hype, thinking it was something to do with the fact that Hendrix used it and nothing more. I did try a few in the past, but always opted for a warmer overdrive type pedal.
Since I got into building my own pedals I started a looking into building a fuzz face, as it is a very simple circuit...I was not impressed by my first few attempts...until I read this excellent article by R.G. Keen on his website about picking transistors and biasing properly.

Also check out the general guitar gadget version of the fuzz face, where It replaces the 8k2 resistor with a 10K trim, that allow you to bias the transistor properly, also useful to 'tune' by ear if you wanted to do so:

Another great site to find out about different versions of many fuzz pedals is fuzz central: this is the page about the Dallas Arbiter fuzz face:

So after trying a few different combinations I decided to go for a silicon late 60' early 70's fuzz face, similar to what Hendrix used in his last few albums, using two toneful BC108...funnily enough I found out Eric Johnson uses a silicon fuzz face as well, with a BC183, very similar transistor to the one I used.

Of course the finish had to have something to do with Jimi, so I found a great picture and printed the graphics on a adhesive vinyl sheet...I love the results...straight on my pedalboard!

Check out the video for a sample of different sounds this pedal can make!

Monday, 23 February 2009

Some kind of Lovepedal Eternity?

I decided a few months ago I was no longer happy with my pedalboard and wanted to change a few things around...also I wanted to start using pedals made by myself, rather than buy into the hype of 'the latest-coolest-flashy-est' pedal on market. So I started browsing the net for sites that could give me some ideas and schematics of all sorts of overdrive pedals to put to the test on my breadboard.

After a few more or less successful attempts, I ended up surfing into great blog that shows all sorts of schematics of old and new pedals. Most of them are from the guys from I think I ended up with something along the lines of a Lovepedal Eternity (the burst version) with more bass and accentuated 'butteryness'. I used a LM1458, even though I did like the usual TL072 as well...try them all and see what pleases your ears the most.

I will change the finish to make it more pleasing to the eye at some point in the future...for now green marker pen will do!

Basic Schematics:

I'll post my version at some the end of the day this is basically a tube screamer, with a few tweaks, I am sure you are better off starting from a tube screamer and changing some values until happy...I have been playing a ts-9 (808mod) for years, maybe that's why I ended up building this pedal.

Sample: Stratocaster Deluxe with Texas Special, into a Laney Lc30 all tube amp, mic'd with a SM57

Runoff Groove Little Gem DIY 1/2watt Amp

This is another simple DIY project you might want to try: a simple LM386 based 1/2 watt amp. I built it and put it in a small plastic box, all in one evening.
It drives an 8ohm cab (mine has an Eminence Legend in it I got next to free) and does not sound bad at all. Great for practice at home or when you have annoyed all your neighbours setting your 100watt all-tube amp just over zero.


Sound Sample: A short sample played with a Strat with Texas Specials, straight in. First totally clean, gain all-up towards the end. Of course recorded with a well tested SM57.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Line 6 expression box thingy with switch.

I have posted a video not too long ago on my youtube channel about this thing, and many viewers have asked me how to build one...there you go a very rough sketch of the wiring diagram.
This is the video:

I don't know what value pot there is in the original Line 6 pedal, just by reading on forums around the net, it could be a 20k lin, but feel free to experiment to find the one you like best.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

MrG Blues backing tracks

This website hosts a great selection of blues backing tracks, great quality files and played with live instruments. Hosted on the Nimbit network, these 12 tracks are great fun to play to, but also they are a great learning tool. They go through all 12 keys, 12 different styles, going through a selection of tempos, from very slow to fast.

check them out.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Hendrix's medium-well guitar auctions for £280,000.

The first guitar that Jimi Hendrix ever set light to onstage has been auctioned for £280,000 at the Fame Bureau's 'It's More Than Rock And Roll' auction at the Idea Generation Gallery in London. Jimi grilled the 1965 Fender Stratocaster in the picture at the end of his show at the Astoria in Finsbury Park (London) in March 1967. Tony Garland, recovered it after roadies put the flames out and stored it in his parents' garage in East Sussex, until last year when it was found by Garland's nephew. American collector Daniel Boucher won this piece of history bidding just above the guide price and promises to play it(!)...I am sure that will be a fret-burning performance! (sorry...sometimes jokes write themselves...)