Monday, 23 February 2009

Some kind of Lovepedal Eternity?

I decided a few months ago I was no longer happy with my pedalboard and wanted to change a few things around...also I wanted to start using pedals made by myself, rather than buy into the hype of 'the latest-coolest-flashy-est' pedal on market. So I started browsing the net for sites that could give me some ideas and schematics of all sorts of overdrive pedals to put to the test on my breadboard.

After a few more or less successful attempts, I ended up surfing into great blog that shows all sorts of schematics of old and new pedals. Most of them are from the guys from I think I ended up with something along the lines of a Lovepedal Eternity (the burst version) with more bass and accentuated 'butteryness'. I used a LM1458, even though I did like the usual TL072 as well...try them all and see what pleases your ears the most.

I will change the finish to make it more pleasing to the eye at some point in the future...for now green marker pen will do!

Basic Schematics:

I'll post my version at some the end of the day this is basically a tube screamer, with a few tweaks, I am sure you are better off starting from a tube screamer and changing some values until happy...I have been playing a ts-9 (808mod) for years, maybe that's why I ended up building this pedal.

Sample: Stratocaster Deluxe with Texas Special, into a Laney Lc30 all tube amp, mic'd with a SM57

Runoff Groove Little Gem DIY 1/2watt Amp

This is another simple DIY project you might want to try: a simple LM386 based 1/2 watt amp. I built it and put it in a small plastic box, all in one evening.
It drives an 8ohm cab (mine has an Eminence Legend in it I got next to free) and does not sound bad at all. Great for practice at home or when you have annoyed all your neighbours setting your 100watt all-tube amp just over zero.


Sound Sample: A short sample played with a Strat with Texas Specials, straight in. First totally clean, gain all-up towards the end. Of course recorded with a well tested SM57.