Monday, 23 February 2009

Some kind of Lovepedal Eternity?

I decided a few months ago I was no longer happy with my pedalboard and wanted to change a few things around...also I wanted to start using pedals made by myself, rather than buy into the hype of 'the latest-coolest-flashy-est' pedal on market. So I started browsing the net for sites that could give me some ideas and schematics of all sorts of overdrive pedals to put to the test on my breadboard.

After a few more or less successful attempts, I ended up surfing into great blog that shows all sorts of schematics of old and new pedals. Most of them are from the guys from I think I ended up with something along the lines of a Lovepedal Eternity (the burst version) with more bass and accentuated 'butteryness'. I used a LM1458, even though I did like the usual TL072 as well...try them all and see what pleases your ears the most.

I will change the finish to make it more pleasing to the eye at some point in the future...for now green marker pen will do!

Basic Schematics:

I'll post my version at some the end of the day this is basically a tube screamer, with a few tweaks, I am sure you are better off starting from a tube screamer and changing some values until happy...I have been playing a ts-9 (808mod) for years, maybe that's why I ended up building this pedal.

Sample: Stratocaster Deluxe with Texas Special, into a Laney Lc30 all tube amp, mic'd with a SM57


Briggs said...

A LM353 will sound sweet in there too. As does an OPA2134, I'd recommend that you try the OPA, I use one in a tubescreamer build of mine and I love it.

ClubScout said...

Hey there - I am trying to build this pedal off of La Revolution Deux too.. I am a novice builder and am having a bit of trouble.

I've done the whole build with the exception of three caps. The caps in C1, C2, and C3 have positive and negative sides, but the picture does not show which direction they should go in. Any advice?


- D